JP Soars

Fine, Fine Blues

John Paul "JP" Soars grew up in Cedarville, Arkansas and started playing guitar at the age of 11. After moving to South Florida at the age of 16, he got into metal while building an interest in classics like Hendrix, ZZ-top, and the Beatles. JP joined a local metal band called Raped Ape, where he learned about being precise and being tight and what it means to really practice as a band, as a unit. Over eight years, Raped Ape developed a large following and got signed to Century Media Records changing their name to Paingod. After releasing one album they disbanded.

This was followed by touring and recording with a number of bands. JP played in South Florida's Malevolent Creation. He formed the band Divine Empire, which released four albums on Olympic Records and Century Media Records and toured the world. Additional projects included a band called Burner that released one CD on Arctic Music Group recordings and the two Wynjara discs which were released on Nocturnal Art Productions Records.

While playing metal, Soars was also captivated by the Blues and the music of Django Reinhardt. His listening time was taken up mostly by blues as well, which ultimately led to a departure from the metal genre and a new focus on Blues and Gypsy jazz.

The vehicle for JP Soars' blues expression includes a band called The Gypsy Blue Acoustic Revue, and also playing with his own blues band, "JP Soars and the Red Hots." In 2008 The Red Hots won South Florida Blues Society's International Blues Challenge. In 2009 they wont the International Blues Challenge award. JP also does session work for various local and national Artists.

JP Soars plays a Category 5 Albert King 2 x 10 Combo.

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