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Featherhead is a Texas-based trio consisting of Gary Long, Neil Brincks and Tim Roberts. Roberts plays guitar, Dobro, and piano for the band. His influences include: Mike Doughty, Bob Schneider, Elliott Smith, Elvis Costello, Peter Gabriel, Sting, King's X, and Phil Keaggy. The band has recently been working on new recording session using Category 5 amps. Here is what Tim has to say:

"Many thanks to Don at Category 5 for bringing out three of the most incredible hand-made, all tube guitar amps. We were cutting tracks with my usual Mesa gear, when Gary suggested that we talk with Don and see if we could get some of these killer amps. Within days, we had that rich, brown tone exploding on these new tracks. Please check them out and see for yourself."

Tim Roberts plays a Katrina, 1900, and Vera (a 50 watt version of Warren Haynes amp).

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