Joe Pitts

Slip Slidin' Away

Joe is definitely a product of exposure to music. At a very early age, having a mother and sister who were both musical fanatics, Joe would constantly hear music ranging from Miles Davis, Wes Montgomery and Charlie Parker, to Johnny Cash, Conway Twitty and George Jones. Joe says, "I was bombarded from all sides by music, more so than television as a kid. My older sister was turning me on to all the cool stuff, while my mom, was really teaching me where music came from." It was watching a television show, and seeing a guitarist laying a guitar in their lap (dobro), that really got Joe interested in playing. Actually, he began to play slide guitar before he started chording, due to being a small kid, with a big guitar, and having small hands. At the age of 7, Joe could play along with the guys on television shows, or on records, with just an old flattop in his lap, playing with a round handled butterknife.

Playing for several years, before the revolution of rock came around, Joe was really emersed in music, but when bands like Cream, Hendrix, Zeppelin and the Allman's came around, that he really knew what he wanted to do. Seeing Duane Allman as a 13 year old kid, changed his musical life. As a teenager, Joe shared the stage with such greats as Bobby "Blue" Bland and Leon Russell. Joining bands that really focused on musicality, placed Joe right where he felt he needed to be.

Years of study, came into the early 90's when Joe attended Berklee for the summer sessions. Touring from 1993 to 2005 with bands, (and doing over 1200 shows), brings Joe to the present, where he's picked up where there has become a lost art: A power trio that not only plays, but jams. Sharing the stage with such luminaries as Gregg Allman, Tommy Crain, Michael Burks, Larry McCray, Eric Gales and many more, has given him the opportunities of a lifetime. Blending rock roots, with blues and jazz, has awarded Joe the opportunity to tour the world, doing tours all over the US and Europe, and he shows no stopping the process. 150 to 200 dates a year are about an average year for Joe, who lives on the road, doing what he does best, living and loving music. Joe has been nominated for Best Vocalist of the Year by Indie Artist Radio, along with having top 10 records and top 5 singles on the indie charts in Europe.

Joe is excited to be a part of Category 5 Amplifications. Loving vintage type tones, but requiring dependability, made changes in Joe's tonal structure over the past few years. Coming home to what he is used to, with a custom designed Category 5 small box 50w amp, is right where he feels the most comfortable. Blending great tones, with an amp that will hold up on the road, has tonally, brought Joe around full circle.

Joe uses a Category 5 Tempest head.

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