Dan Leonard

Jazz Master

“The first guitar solo I ever learned was Eric Clapton’s on Strange Brew (Cream’s Disraeli Gears) and the second was Jimi Hendrix’s solo on Red House. When I was 11 or 12 years old my teacher would send his records home with me to learn leads.  My dad was very supportive, and although he wasn’t a player, he was an avid listener and bought me recordings by Jeff Beck, Stevie Ray Vaughn and countless jazz artists”.

Dan Leonard has been playing guitar for more than thirty years. In the beginning he gravitated towards the styles of Hendrix, Jeff Beck and Jimmy Page.  While majoring in classical guitar and composition at George Mason University, he became inspired by guitarists like John Scofield and Robben Ford.

“I was always drawn to improvisation and I realized that to have the musical vocabulary I wanted I would have to have a better understanding of jazz.”

For the past three years Dan has been recording and touring extensively with the Deanna Bogart Band and they are currently in the studio recording a new CD with producer Jim Ebert. 

Dan Leonard

Deana’s - no boundaries - approach to music creates a very open environment for me to be able to draw on all of my influences. On this new record I’m using a Category 5 Allen in the studio. It’s such a pleasure to use an amp that gets both a beautiful vintage clean tone and a killer plexi sound all in one.”

Dan has two solo releases, the eclectic “Time Alone” and 2008’s “The Middle Path”, which highlight his original compositions and showcase both his electric and acoustic sides. 

In addition to recording and touring, Dan plays with his trio, (the Dan Leonard Trio), freelances in the DC area and maintains a solid teaching schedule.  His many performances include the Vaison Jazz Festival in France, the Monterey Blues Festival, the Clearwater Jazz Festival, the Legendary Rhythm and Blues Cruise, Prairie Home Companion and the 2002 Olympics, Salt Lake City, UT.

Dan Leonard plays a Category 5 Amplification Andrew.

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