Daniel Karp

Roots Music Journey

Danielís feverish commitment to blues and rock earns him the reputation of being one of the hardest-working kids in the music industry. Whether performing as a guest with artists such as Buddy Guy, Deborah Coleman, or Albert Cummings, Danielís powerful guitar style establishes his reputation as a stunning soloist and innovative electric and acoustic guitarist.

Karp, now 16 years old, plays with fire and fury from the west to east coast. His disciplined, dynamic, and genuine performances alone or with 14 year old sensation Grant Austin Taylor predict, as Buddy Guy suggests, the stability of "blues into the next generation."

Daniel religiously studies the styles, techniques, and nuances of the trade's best. Joe Bonamassa, Johnny A., and Monte Montgomery set the standards for tone, technique, and taste to which Daniel aspires. Bonamassa cautioned that "performances such as this could put me out of business."

Daniel performs with emotional intensity gained from the talent of local Hampton Roads guitar legend Henry Johnson. Instruction from other artists such as Greg Howe brings performances to a level that compound "old soul" feel with "contemporary" style. With more time to perform and record, Daniel will solidify his place as a burgeoning blues artist.

Daniel Karp is proud to represent Category 5. He is currently touring and recording with the Cat 5 Allen head and a 2x12 extension cabinet. Karp says, "It is the perfect balance between vintage and modern that I look for in an amp."

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