Dann Huff

Versatile session musician, guitarist, and producer

Budding guitarist Dann Huff started playing on artist's demos in Nashville when he was just 16. He then moved to Los Angeles where he played and recorded for an impressive list of artists. When he was 20, he formed the Christian band Whiteheart together with his brother David. The band was rounded out by Mark Gershmehl ..boards, Billy Smiley ..boards/guitar, Gary Lunn on bass and Steve Green handling lead vocals. WhiteHeart was one of the pioneer bands when Christian rock took off in the 80's.

After two albums, Dann left Whiteheart to pursue session work, while David lasted an additional album. One of Dann's most notable session products is the memorable lead guitar on "Danger Zone", the Kenny Loggins hit from the soundtrack to the motion picture Top Gun. Dann and David would collaborate again to form the hard rock band Giant. Despite scoring a massive hit with the single "I'll See You In My Dreams", the band was never a commercial success. When Time to Burn (their 2nd album, followed by III) released in 1992, their 80's style was quickly swallowed up by the arrival of grunge music scene. In the early 90's, Dann went back to his session work recording with several artists over a vast spectrum of genres. Dann has also produced albums for successful artists like Faith Hill,Bon Jovi, Wynonna, LeAnn Rimes, Megadeth, Rebecca St. James, Carrie Underwood, Keith Urban, Rascal Flatts, Peter Cetera and others.

Dann Huff plays a Category 5 Tempest along with a 1900 amplifier.

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