Nick Hoffman

Fiddle player, recording artist, touring musician

It's been over 35 years since a new artist has emerged successfully using the fiddle as his weapon. A few have tried, but failed. Call it bad timing, lack of drive, or the lack of the "it factor". Call it what you will. What is left is a niche, a hole that needs to be filled. Nick Hoffman is filling that niche, and hell-bent on redefining it.

Coming from Minnesota, from a family steeped in music, Nick Hoffman picked up the fiddle at the tender age of 4. Old-time fiddle tunes and standards were played in late-night jam sessions with his grandparents, and it was clear early on that when it came to the fiddle, Nick was special. "Then one day," says Nick's grandmother Sybil Hoffman, "he just started singing. Like a light switch had turned on."

In 2011, Nick signed with Warner Bros/Elektra Records and played on Kenny Chesney's Goin' Coastal Tour.

Nick plays through a Category 5 Allen amplifier.

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