John Gifford

Blues Artist & Director - River City Blues Festival

John D. Gifford (Giff!) is a guitarist who has been playing for 40 years. He started playing in groups at the age of 12. John was performing with bands in U.S.O. shows overseas at age 13.

Giff also plays bass, mandolin, sings, composes and is an accomplished drummer to boot. John is now a board member and Blues Competition Director for the Blues, Jazz, and Folk Music Society of the Mid-Ohio Valley based in Marietta, Ohio.

He is also involved in getting his own company, Meltdown Productions off the ground, which specializes in sound and lighting, promotions, event planning, booking and production.

"I'm a very strong supporter of live music, and being a musician myself I understand what performers want and need to present themselves to their audience," says John. "This is my way of using what I've learned over the years to share my knowledge and help provide the vets and the up-and-coming artists with the tools to show their best when they perform."

Gifford's Category 5 amps include a Tsunami 1 x 12 combo, Ivan 1 x 12 combo, and Andrew 2 x 10 combo.

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